Failing Gutters

Failing gutters can be a costly yet fixable problem. Effective gutters direct water away from your facia, windows, and siding, and foundation of your home.

When your gutters are failing, the result can cause damaging impact if consistent. Leading to damage of siding as water tension will find any crevice it can, even behind the siding, damaging your home's first layer of defense.

Damaging Effects of Failing Gutters

Water damage to exterior trim causes wood rot, not from water alone but also the fungi and bacteria. When these elements are left to sit they eat away at the wood which can lead windows sagging as the water is unable to dry out and the wood around the window becomes saturated. If the process becomes a consistent theme the trim wood will become waterlogged.

Damaging issues Last Call Exteriors has addressed as it pertains to failing gutters are as follows:

  • Foundational damage from standing or pooling water at the foundation of your home can cause the foundation to crack. This can then lead to flooding, and mold especially in your basement.
  • When the failing gutter is significantly impacted and overloaded it can disconnect from the home causing facia, soffit and roof damage.
  • In the winter when the water is left to pool in the gutters due to clogging and improper draining the result is ice, insect infestation and the length of the gutter is now an ice dam leading to heavy sagging or overloaded gutters.
  • Gutters that become too overloaded can affect your landscape, garden, lawn by creating soil erosion, and mud puddles.
  • Standing water if the gutters are not draining properly, which can cause ice dams, clogged gutters, overflowing gutters, and even mosquito infestations
  • Failing gutter can become detached which may damage your landscape and garden
  • Failing gutters can cause soil erosion as water spills over or causes rushing water
  • Damaged or swollen siding may occur as water spills over the gutter and water tension and gravity causes it to fall behind the siding
  • Rotted decks or porches if the leak causes water to fall on these structures
  • Cracked and water-damaged driveways
  • Stains on concrete and siding

The bottom line is a failing gutter causes water damage to vulnerable areas of your home. While you may be inside during rainy days, look outside every so often as a preventative method, it may save your home from damage and save you money.